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Shell them all! Rider sets sail in Death Battle!

Francis Drake
Alias: El Draque, Navigator of Storms, King of Storms, King of Ghosts, The Woman Who Brought Down the Sun
Age: 55 (age of death)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 121lbs
Species: Human (former), Servant
Occupation: Pirate, Vice Admiral in the British Navy

Real life
The first person to successfully circumnavigate the globe
Paved the way for England to become the dominant superpower in the Age of Discovery
Brought down the invincible Spanish Armada
Close companions with Queen Elizabeth I

Briefly fought against Gawain (Saber)
Was the first Servant to fight Hakuno Kishinami and their Servant
 during the Moon Cell Holy Grail War
Fate/Last Encore
Defeated Armstrong, allowing Shinji Matou to become the master of the First Floor
Put Nero Claudius (Saber) on the ropes during their battle

Fate/Grand Order
Came across the lost ci
:iconwater-frez:Water-Frez 16 11
Himiko wants to gather new fans from DEATH BATTLE!

Full Name: Himiko Natsuno

Origin: Dangan Tenshi Fanclub (Connected to the One Punch Man universe)

Age: Unknown, likely around 16 years old

Sex: Female

Height: Unknown, probably around 5'2" based on her age

Weight: Unknown, probably around 52 kilograms based on her age

Classification: Human, Magical girl, Battle Angel, "Lady Himiko"



Himiko Natsuno was your average, everyday Japanese high school girl. She lives in an average home, eats average food, studies in an average school, and lives an average life. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, yet Himiko wished for somethi
:iconapexutopia:ApexUtopia 11 3
The Demi-Fiend Finds His Own Reason in DB!

AKA: Naoki Kashima,
Hitoshura, Chaos King, The Demonic Man, Shin Managi
First Appearance: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

-Was a high school student who survived the apocalypse
-Was given the Magatama by the Lady in Black and Lucifer, turning him into the Demi-Fiend
-Defeated Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta, and Hikawa, who became demons and attempted to remake the universe in their image

-Killed Kagutsuchi, causing it to cease to exist, destroying the Amala Universe, which contains infinite universes
-Killed Metatron, YHVH's strongest avatar
-In one version of Nocturne, he teamed up with with Dante from Devil May Cry
-In another version of Nocturne, he teamed up withRaidou Kuzunoha from Devil Summoner
-Able to fight on par with Lucifer going all out, and is implied to be stronger than him

-In the True Demon Ending, he leads an army of demons t
:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 20 9
Antibug and Vanisher take revenge for DEATH BATTLE

Antibug and Vanisher
Joint Feats:
    -Alongside Alix, the three of them were meant to be a trio as a shout-out to Alex, Clover, and Sam, 
from Totally Spies, respectively
    -They are each two of the most formidable foes to face Ladybug and Cat Noir
    -Together, the two also mark the first occasion where Ladybug and Cat Noir have to fight two akumatized/evilized humans in a single day, albeit back-to-back and actually at odds with one another

Real Name: Chloe Bourgeois
Akuma: in her earrings
Debut: "The Bubbler" (as her normal self), "Antibug" (as Antibug)
Age: ~15
Occupation: Student, Daughter to the Mayor of Paris
(Antibug gets her spotlight)
    -The daughter to the mayor of Paris
    -As her regular self, has managed to cause numerous Akuma attacks by being a terrible person and insufferable brat to the people a
:icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 10 3
Phoenix vs Shuichi: DEATH BATTLE! Prelude

(Note: This battle will most likely not be using combat feats and will depend much more on wits and cleverness)

Name: Phoenix Wright
Age: 24 (First Appearence) 35 (Currently)
Alias: Nick, Mr. Nick, Trite, Herr Wright, Wright-Dono, Barbed Headed Attorney
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Defense Attorney, Pianist and Poker Player (formerly)

- Has won many seemingly hopeless cases
- Manages to effectively do his job, even when under extreme pressure (whether from the circumstances around the case, or from constant pressure from the prosecution)
- As a rookie, managed to best legendary prosecutor Manfred Von Karma AND solve the fifteen year old DL-6 case
- Stopped Police Chief Damon Gant's manipulation of the law
- Saved Maya from Shelly De Killer and stopped Matt Engarde at the same time
- Managed
:iconherooftheemblem:HeroOfTheEmblem 2 0
Death Battle: Mario vs Aang
See the prelude here: Mario vs Aang: Death Battle Prelude

Alright, the research is now done and the results are made.
Are you ready for a...
Death Battle!?
Kyoshi Island, Night time
Screaming was the only sound coming from the Island, that was made by the once powerful Avatar Kyoshi, as the village on the island were burning from flames. People were running, fleeing for their life, as a army of what appeared to be walking brown mushrooms and walking turtles with green and red shells marched down the burning village, using fire flowers to throw fireballs toward the houses. Some of those turtles were throwing hammers and others shooting bullet bills towards the village and its inhabitants.
As the rest of the people managed
:icon6tails6:6tails6 6 5
Ryu Hayabusa vs Samurai Jack Prelude
Dragon Falcon vs Aku’s Bane
By kirk327
I’m sure this must be hard to believe, but this is my first time doing a ninja vs samurai match for this series. But hey, better late than never, and what better way to start than with one of my favorite ninja and one of my favorite samurai of all time?
Ryu Hayabusa
The son of Jô Hayabusa, Ryu was born into the Dragon Lineage legacy; as required, he would be trained from childhood to walk the path of a ninja, a way of life plagued with danger, pain and sorrow. As a child Ryu learned many crucial survival skills under the guidance and watchful eye of Omitsu, the caretaker of the Hayabusa clan's children. Under Omitsu's care Ryu quickly befriended Kureha and the two became inseparable. Training intensified as he grew older, adapting to these difficulties, Ryu quickly excelled among his peers, becoming one of the clan's top students. His skill would earn him the right to bear the name Hayabusa as his own, mastering m
:iconkirk327:kirk327 3 13
Harry Dresden Takes a New Case in Death Battle!
Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
Age: 37
Also Known As: Hoss (by Ebenezar McCoy); Howard Delroy Oberheit (fake ID)
Harry Dresden was born on Halloween, to Margaret LeFay and Malcolm Dresden. His mother died in childbirth, so Malcolm took care of him while travelling across the country trying to make a career as a stage magician. When Dresden was six, his father died of a brain aneurysm. Dresden, orphaned, became a ward of the state. He first manifested his powers at age ten, during a running long jump at school Olympics in the spring. Desperate to win, he magically pushed himself about ten feet farther than he would have jumped on his own. Though he landed badly and sprained his wrist, he won a blue ribbon that he keeps to this day. He was adopted by Justin DuMorne, a wizard and former Warden of the White Council, who took him as his apprentice. At thirteen, Dresden was given his first shielding lesson by DuMorne, who used baseballs as projectiles. W
:iconkirk327:kirk327 2 1
Mature content
Victor Crowley chops up DEATH BATTLE! :iconrandomaneer123:randomaneer123 5 10
Prelude: Oh brother

Morgana: Brothers. They got your back on nearly anything. Whether it be defeating powerful foes, or just by capturing humans.
Lord Hater: But there are often brothers that are just plain down stupid, but in the kind hearted ways or whatever.
Morgana: Papyrus, the brother of Sans.
Lord Hater: And Mugman, the brother of Cuphead. He's Morgana and I'm LORD HATER! THE GREATEST IN THE GALAXY!
Morgana: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.
(Author's note: I was originally gonna do commentaries on this, but unfortunately, I couldn't think up some creative stuff for said commentaries. With that said, I promise the next one will have commentary.)

Full Name: Papyrus the Skeleton
Also Known As: The Great Papyrus, Cool Dude, COOLSKELETON95
First Official Appearance: Undertale (September 15th 2015)

Species: Skeleton
:iconthe-fool-writer:The-Fool-Writer 5 8
Prelude: Artificial Insanity

Lina: Ah, the beauty of a brand new theme song!
Dramech: That's the beauty of it all- just like artifical experimentation and genetics, where one can change anything for the better in any living being.
Saki: Be it manipulating genetic code or simply slapping some new kicks onto someone, these almost always turn out for the best in those who partake in it.
Lina: Like Android 18, the sole female representative of Dr. Gero's android collection...
Dramech: And Infinite, bearer of the Phantom Ruby and Eggman's newest ally.
Saki: I am Saki Tsuzura...
Lina: I'm Lina Inverse!
Dramech: And I am Praetor Dramech. And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... A Death Battle.
Android 18
AKA: Lazuli, #18, No. 18, JU HA
:iconlordofkrakens:LordOfKrakens 3 4
Luffy V.S. Nappa (One Minute Melee)
Luffy V.S. Nappa (One Minute Melee)
    Luffy got lost on an random island, then he see's something fall from the sky, being so optimistic, he went over there to check it out. When he went over there, he saw a weird spherical object in a crater.
Luffy: Woah! Must be some kind of spaceship or something.
    It opened up & someone came out of it.
Nappa: Hmph, can't believe I got sent to this wasteful planet.
Luffy: Hey, are you some kind of alien or something?
Nappa: Who do you think you are?
Luffy: My name's Monkey D. Luffy & I'm going to be King of the Pirates!
Nappa: King? (Laughs) There's only one ruler out there, & that's Prince Vegeta!
Luffy: Vegetable?
Nappa: NO! VEGETA!!! (Sighs) Why am I even arguing with the likes of you, anyway?
Luffy: I don't know?
Nappa: Heh... (Checks Luffy's Power Level on his scouter) Ugh... Impossible! How could someone like you have a Power Level of over 2,000?
Luffy: Ok, now y
:iconblazewriter:BlazeWriter 4 0
Ramona Flowers Takes DEATH BATTLE into Subspace!

First Appearance: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life in July 2004
Height: 5'8" - 5'9"
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Forever-changing; ranges from blue, pink, green, purple, and brown
Eyes: Blueish-black
Occupations: delivery girl, American ninja delivery girl
Ramona Victoria Flowers, "Rammy", the Girl of Scott Pilgrim's Dreams


-A free spirit
-Tough and kind of hard to approach due to her own insecurity
 -In the movie, she's completely cold
-Afraid of commitment as shown by her seven exes 

-Should scale almost evenly with Scott

-Could possibly be continent level, depending on how you view Todd Ingram's moon feat
-Swings around her giant hammer with ease
-As seen abov
:iconshakaboyz:Shakaboyz 7 0
Chris Redfield vs Frank West | DBX

Resident Evil vs Dead Rising. A battle between two of the most popular zombie-killing badasses from gaming.

Frank West is beating the crap out of lots of zombies in a shopping mall by himself, he then looks at a last zombie until it’s headshot by someone else. Frank turns around and sees Chris.
Frank: “Hey it was mine!”
Chris: “Sorry about that but you have to come with us.”
Frank takes a moment to think...
Frank: “Hmm…I dunno...something tells me I can’t trust you” *points a gun at Chris*
Chris: “Seems like you give me no choice.” *points his gun at Frank*
Frank shoots while Chris rolls sideways to dodge and shoots back at Frank, but Frank does the same thing as they both keep shooting each other and dodging each other’s fire. Chris takes cover behind a big flower pot while Frank
:icontasobeats:Tasobeats 3 2
How to embed videos in your DeviantART journal
The DA code.
Make sure there is no spaces between the / and > at the end of the code!
How to combine the YouTube code and the DA code.
1: So here is a YouTube Video link!
2: This is what you want to look for:
3: You then transfer "H-TxFFJM48I" into the DA code:
And this is how it should look!
Again make sure there is no spaces between the / and > at the end of the code!
How to find the code
Sometimes your code will look like this, hard to find! Well I've highlighted the code so it's easier for you to find!

Here is the screen shot of it.
And sometimes your code will come up without a whole load of numbers and letters following on after it!

So here is a screen shot of it.
:iconomg-imsoawesome:OMG-ImSoAwesome 482 118
Roll sweeps the battle off their feet!

Real Name: DLN-002
Aliases: Roll, Roll Light
Debuts: Mega Man (1987)
Height: Less than 4'4" (Smaller than Mega Man in height)
Weight: Around 230 lbs (Shouldn't be much lighter than the average Mega Man character)
Age: Physically appears to be ten years old. Actual age is unknown. 
Good Point: Helpful
Bad Point: Cowardice
Likes: Cleaning and Cooking
Dislikes: Cockroaches

 -Alongside Rock Light, was one of Dr. Light's first successful creations.
 -Provides Mega Man assistance in the form of an in-game shop, where she trades bolts for weapons/upgrades.
 -Was able to steal crucial parts from a Wily Robot. As thanks for rescuing her, Roll provides these parts to the player.
 -Also provides Mega Man with guidance through several stages in order to help him
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 21 5


2,247 deviations
1,517 deviations
1,264 deviations
164 deviations
128 deviations



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

So, I just figured I'd post it to the Death Battle, because you guys like to debate over power levels and strength and things.

You can make it yourself though.


-Here you can add a summary/short info about the character.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Current Tier of the character (in bold).

Name: The character's true name, and/or common name/epithets

Origin: The name of the fiction which the character is from, with a link to the Verse page

Gender: Male, female or genderless

Age: Character's age

Classification: Character's class/race etc.

Powers and Abilities: A list of the character's general abilities.

Attack Potency: The character's attack power or destructive capacity (in bold; add any explanations using brackets, not in bold).

Speed: It is generally "Combat Speed" (in bold)

Lifting Strength: The weight the character can lift/move, usually expressed in tons. However it is optional since lifting strength generally doesn't matter in most fights (in bold).

Striking Strength: The attack power of the character's physical attacks/blows (in bold).

Durability: The amount of attack power the character can withstand before being overwhelmed (in bold).

Stamina: Self-explanatory

Range: The distance the character's attacks/abilities can cover.

Standard Equipment: Things the character usually uses, or carries with him.

Intelligence: Self-explanatory

Weaknesses: Self-explanatory 

Feats: List all of the character's amazing feats. Strength feats, speed feats, durability feats, etc. You can judge a person's power by their feats.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: A list of some abilities the character generally uses.

Key: For characters who have transformation stages/power-ups or who become stronger through certain points of the story, insert those transformations/power-ups/timelines here in bold.

Note: Self-explanatory


Put some minor information about the character here.

Notable Victories:

Put some notable/good matches that result in the character's victory.

Notable Losses:

Put some notable/good matches that result in the character's loss.

Notable Draws or Ties:

Put some notable/good matches with the results  in the character's draw or tie.

just DO IT!!!


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